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NYBE is a young company specializing in web design, software, hardware and marketing. We are focused on the business market, but we also help with your private affairs. Our driven and flexible team will pull out all the stops to help your company as good as possible. Our team is happy to take up the challenge!

We would like to know everything about your ideas. The NYBE team brainstorms with you! So are you looking for a web designer in Hasselt? Let’s get in touch!

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Alles onder één dak

We weten hoe vervelend het is om verschillende IT-partners te hebben: één voor de printer, de ander voor de software en weer een ander voor de website. Dit is de reden dat NYBE alle ingrediënten in huis heeft om u optimaal van dienst te zijn in de IT.

NYBE is gespecialiseerd in internetdiensten. U kunt bij ons terecht voor alles wat met internet te maken heeft. Ons flexibele team helpt u graag met alle IT-gerelateerde zaken in uw bedrijf. Hierbij kunt u denken aan de hardware, zoals printers en computers, maar ook aan marketing en web. Daarnaast biedt NYBE software (op maat) aan.

Persoonlijk contact

Persoonlijk contact staat bij ons hoog in het vaandel. NYBE weet hoe vervelend het is om steeds met een ander persoon te werken. Daarom heeft u bij NYBE steeds dezelfde contactpersoon.


Stoppen met leren na het afstuderen? Dat vinden we onzin. Onze medewerkers volgen regelmatig cursussen, gaan naar seminars en doen andere manieren van scholing. Zo zijn we altijd op de hoogte van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen, zodat we u optimaal kunnen helpen.

Projecten op maat

Of het nu gaat om een eenvoudig of complex project: ons team helpt u graag. We hebben partnerships voor al bestaande software, maar ook voor software op maat bent u aan het juiste adres. Met een grote kennis aan development helpen onze programmeurs u graag met projecten op maat.


IT-hulp op maatBij NYBE kunt u rekenen op service voor, tijdens en na de aankoop. Dat kan overal over gaan, bijvoorbeeld advies over een boekhoudprogramma, het laten maken van een nieuwe websites of het ontwerpen van visitekaartjes.

Gedreven team

Webbedrijf met divers team Met een divers team komen we altijd tot een voordelige oplossing voor u. NYBE beschikt over een divers, gedreven team waarin iedereen zijn eigen kwaliteiten heeft. We hebben volwaardige programmeurs, creatieve hoofden en accountmanagers. Waar nodig zoeken we versterking bij collegabedrijven, zodat we u altijd met een goede service kunnen helpen.

Your Benefits

Everything under one roof

We know how annoying it is to have different IT partners: one for the printer, the other for software and another for the website. This is the reason that NYBE has all the ingredients to provide you with the best possible service in IT.

NYBE specializes in internet services. You can contact us for everything that has to do with the internet. Our flexible team is happy to help you with all the IT-related matters in your company. You can think of hardware, such as printers and computers, but also marketing and web. In addition, NYBE offers (custom) software.

Let’s get a coffee!

Personal contact

Personal contact is our top priority. NYBE knows how annoying it is to work with a different person all the time. That is why you always have the same contact person at NYBE.


No more learning after graduation? We think that is nonsense. Our employees regularly attend courses, attend seminars and other forms of training. This way we are always up to date with the latest developments, so that we can help you optimally.


Custom projects

Whether it concerns a simple or complex project: our team is happy to help you. We have partnerships for existing software, but you are also at the right place for custom software. With extensive knowledge of development, our programmers are happy to help you with tailor-made projects.


The total picture

With NYBE you can count on service before, during and after the purchase. This can be about anything, for example advice about an accounting program, having a new website made or designing business cards.


Driven team

NYBE has a diverse and passionate team in which everyone has their own qualities. We have full programmers, creatives and account managers. Where necessary, we seek reinforcement from fellow companies, so that we can always help you with an excellent service.

Many satisfied customers preceded you

279+ projects completed

Plan of action

from idea to product

Plan of action

from idea to product
  • 1. Get acquainted

    The purpose of the acquaintance is to make clear which course will be taken. We want to know as much as possible about your company. What will the project look like, what are the functions and options and when is the aim to complete it? These questions become clear in the first meeting.

  • 2. Minimal viable product

    After all ideas have been clearly worked out, the team will start converting your idea into a product. Our employees are happy to pull out all the stops. When you realize that you still want to add things or that certain content needs to be changed? No problem, we are happy to adjust it!

  • 3. 3. Intermediate meeting(s)

    Transparency and clarity are very important to us. That is why regular contact takes place to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible. It does not matter where you are: we can also go through the process via the internet.

  • 4. Optimization

    Yes, the end is in sight! But there are always points that could be improved. Good Better Best. The last pieces still need to be supplemented or adjusted and then your idea is a real product. Optimization is precisely what is so important and distinctive.
    – NYBE

  • 5. Delivery

    After all the finishing touches have been made, the project can be completed. Our aim is that the result is above your expectations. You can now finally share the project with the outside world: how nice is that! Our team will be happy to assist you with promoting your project.
    – NYBE

  • 6. And after that?

    You can continue to count on NYBE’s service even after delivery. For example, your website must of course be announced to the whole world. You probably also want to be able to see what the online results are, as they are perfectly measurable. We love to help you!

Work to be done

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