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So, let's have a little moment to talk about our company. NYBE was a project by belgian students in college. This project got real and is now a fully operational web agency.

We're a team of experienced programmers and designers with creative minds and out-of-the-box solutions.

One of our main goals is to satisfy our customers, thats why we have a "make you happy guarantee". This guarantees the customer is satisfied whenever we deliver our project, we're trying to keep a transparent communication with our clients and build the websites, web applications and graphics they dream about.

To achieve this we do research into our clients niche market and try to get into their mindset to create amazing user interfaces and make it a pleasure using it for our end-clients and their customers.

Simply said, we're an agency that will surprise you.

Discover our services


We're providing a webdesign service, this is the creation of a responsive website by our team.

Using state of the art techniques and the latest technology we build a stunning website for your business.


We provide a coding service, this is a service where the client hires a coder on a certain base.

It might be hourly it might be project based. We're able to code a huge variety of languages. Contact us for more info.


Our design service is a branding service, we're capable of designing your businesscards to your next campain flyer.

The designs we deliver are state of the art, created with the best technology and designed by one of our experts.


The SEO service is the act of making your website being found more easly by search engines

We optimize your website to make it easy to find on search engines and quicker accessible for your clients


The configuration of network infrastructures, wireless accesspoints, hotspot solutions, voip solutions,

bringing your company to the cloud, automating network tasks for your convenience.

IT Consulting

Helping you and your company out with the latest technology or overcoming obstacles and issues

in your IT infracstructure. We're informed of the latest technology and are capable of handling your IT related problems.

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  •   Professional services
  •   Overall IT-services
  •   A team with out-of-the-box solutions
  •   Custom development possibilities
  •   Long term customer relationship
  •   High customer satisfaction rates

We're proud to work for...

Mustang Garage
Vavantas NV
Eethuis Esra
Netwes BVBA
Optimise Group
Tom Koster en Partners
DV home Projects
Autostoffering Carla
Phone Center Koersel

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