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Website for the catering industry

Website voor de horeca

The hospitality industry is very competitive. There are many hotels, restaurants and cafes. Many catering companies find it difficult to distinguish themselves. Show your unique selling point and increase your findability on Google. Make it easy for your guests by letting them book online. And when they’re there, you can increase the service with a free guest network. Or what about QR codes for ordering food and drinks at the table? Double convenience!

Restaurant demo website

Restaurant website voorbeeld

To give you an example of your future website, we have made a demo website for you as a catering owner. Take a quick look at Be sure to check out the websites of our satisfied customers and

website voor een restaurant

Lease a website

Website leasen

A professional website with all the information. Lease a basic website with a homepage, contact page and link to the menu. Pay only a small amount per month. Also for webshops!

Prices: from €60 per month
Start-up cost: from €125

book online

Online reserveren

Stop wasting time and money answering the phone. Let your guests book online in advance via the website. The system is simple and can be linked to your accounting.

Prices: from €45 per month
Start-up cost: from €125

Social hotspot

Social hotspot

A free network for your guests, that is of course real service. You can increase your reach by letting guests like or check in on your social media. That way, their friends will also see that they have been with you.

Prices: from €47.50 per month
Start-up cost from €175
(excl. assembly)



Put your business on the map with online & offline communication. In this way you increase the awareness among the target group.
From corporate identity menus to advertising screens and from search engine marketing to Facebook ads. Find all information on

Het nieuwe dineren met iPad

The new dining with iPad

More and more restaurants are participating in The New Dining. Guests can easily submit their order via a tablet. They no longer have to wait for a waiter to come by. The orders are then immediately forwarded to the kitchen. You can choose whether the orders are shown on a screen or printed out by means of receipts. Make the customer experience even better by adding photos, videos and texts to the menu.

The possibilities of The New Dining:

  • Increase in turnover in drinks and desserts.
  • Advertise as much as you want.
  • Personalized cross-selling for your other services (wellness, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, etc.)
  • Adjust the menu and prices yourself.
  • Automatic link with your accounting package.

The customer can also press a button to receive the bill, which is then automatically printed. There is so much possible for your catering company… Which options seem interesting to you? Let’s talk about it.

Also take a look at our hardware page for more information about the equipment:

Visit hardware pagina

Tell me more!

Tell me more!

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