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The information on this website is intended, among other things, as a means of informing you about the products / services of Rent A Tech. Although Rent A Tech handles the compilation and maintenance of this website with care, Rent A Tech cannot guarantee the completeness, correctness and topicality of the information provided. Rent A Tech cannot guarantee a flawless or uninterrupted functioning website.

Information from third parties

When Rent A Tech refers to websites of third parties, this does not automatically mean that Rent A Tech recommends the products or services offered on or via these websites. Rent A Tech is therefore not responsible or liable for the content, availability or use of these websites. The referred links are therefore visited by you at your own risk.

Using information

All intellectual property rights and other rights related to the information on this website are not permitted to be copied, downloaded or in any way published, distributed or reproduced for commercial purposes without prior permission.


Rent A Tech reserves the right to change the information on this website at any time. No prior announcement is required for this. It is therefore up to the customer to read everything regularly: the general terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policy and other documents and content can change.

Responsible disclosure

Despite careful security, it can happen that there is a weak spot in our system. If you observe such a problem, you have the obligation to report this to us as soon as possible. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected] Rent A Tech will pass this on to the IT party as soon as possible. When you encounter a vulnerability, do not take advantage of it. For example by:

– Implement changes in the system.

– Post malware.

– Gain access to our system and / or share access with others.

– Copy, change or delete data or configurations of the system

(as well as directory listing or taking screenshots).

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