Working remotely

Now more than ever, it is incredibly convenient to be able to work remotely. Whether it concerns watching a computer together, attending a meeting, or troubleshooting a problem via your mobile phone.

Below you will find various software programs that facilitate all this and more.


Teamviewer is a software that allows a person to control a device remotely.

This is done in complete safety. The party who wishes to connect to your computer must not only receive the unique ID number from your Teamviewer, but also the password, which by the way changes every time you close the software or device.

In addition to security, it is of course extremely useful to be able to let someone watch on your own device. It avoids miscommunication and you do not have to move to, for example, a store or office to be helped.

This software is not only available for Windows, Mac and Linux, but also exists as an app for both Android and iOS.


Similar to TeamViewer, AnyDesk allows you to remotely share your computer with someone else.

With the ID number you can make contact with a device. Additional security: AnyDesk requires that access has to be accepted before contact can be made. This with a click of the mouse.

In addition, you can also connect to multiple devices at the same time and AnyDesk keeps a history of the devices you have connected to in the past. This is very useful when you need to contact several people on a regular basis.

In addition, AnyDesk can also assist you in managing your own device from a distance.

By setting a password you can, for example, connect to your home computer via your mobile phone or tablet. Very useful if you have forgotten a file on the computer or have forgotten to turn it off.

Atera & Splashtop

The collaboration between Atera and Splashtop is incredibly powerful and convenient.

This software combination is used and maintained by many companies.


From Atera you can connect different computers in a clear system. Here you can observe several details such as the computer name, hard disk location, health of the system and whether it is on or off.

In the business world, this is of course very useful when you have dozens of computers available.


With the Splashtop integration will enable you to connect to the desired computer. Just like with TeamViewer and AnyDesk, you can manage it remotely, but Atera and Splashtop go one step further.

For example, you can easily download and install updates and then even reboot the device. Atera and Splashtop stay connected for as long as you need it.

Read more about the integration of Atera and Splashtop here.