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Our customers

Every customer is unique. All our customers have their own story. We like to convert that as creatively as possible into a suitable product. This can concern all aspects of IT. From websites to advanced search functions and from custom software to network connections. We are also happy to assist our customers with marketing strategies.

Our customers come from different industries. Whether it is a local hair salon or a multinational company, we are happy to pull out all the stops for every company.


View the positive words of our customers below.

The Mustang Garage

“As NYBE’s first major customer, I have to say that we certainly did not regret giving this young company the opportunity to develop. The great thing about this company is that they go for it 200 percent and don’t shy away from difficulties. Our website of the S550 is very successful and our multimedia is also maintained and enhanced by them. They bring new ideas to put our company in the spotlight and to help us with the latest developments in hard and software. A collaboration based on mutual trust. NYBE therefore plays a major role within our company and we can always count on them.”

LTK & Partners

“As a partner of NYBE, I can say that the collaboration with NYBE is excellent.
The projects that I completed together with NYBE went smoothly and, according to the client concerned, were executed beyond expectations.
I recommend NYBE as a partner for your IT projects. ”

LTK & Partners

Als partner van NYBE kan ik zeggen dat de samenwerking met NYBE uitstekend verloopt.
De projecten die ik samen met NYBE heb volbracht verliepen vlekkeloos en waren volgens de desbetreffende klant boven verwachting uitgevoerd.
Ik raad NYBE aan als partner voor uw IT-projecten.

bis company

Bis Company

“Mooie samenwerking met deze mensen en komen altijd hun afspraken na. Zeker een aanrader!”

Valentino Rodriguez

A Better Life

“Goede en duidelijke bespreking gehad, vriendelijk en bekwaam. Men geeft goede feedback waar je zelf soms niet aan denkt. Duidelijke prijszetting, ik ben tevreden.”

Heidi Geukens

Car Kings

“Snelle en vakkundige service met het aanleveren van een vectorfile. Aanrader!!”

Patrick Custers

Autostoffering Carla

“Goede en snelle service”

Carla Paumen

Logo van Proactify


“Wij zijn super tevreden over de service van NYBE. NYBE hanteert een heel persoonlijke aanpak, en gaat altijd tot het uiterste voor zijn klanten. Bovendien geeft NYBE ook advies, tips & tricks mee, die erg praktisch toepasbaar zijn. Het eindresultaat van hun projecten mag er ook altijd wezen! Thumbs up voor NYBE.”

Lieze Geebelen

Mad Creation

“NYBE is een jong bedrijf met veel kennis op verschillende vlakken en staat altijd paraat om te helpen of om advies te geven. Erg fijn om mee samen te werken en zaken te doen!”

Maarten Geraerts

Logo van Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes Gran Canaria

NYBE heeft onze nieuwe website gemaakt, heel tevreden, vlotte communicatie, professionele medewerkers die prima werk geleverd hebben! Topfirma!

Wim Devroye


“NYBE is a young and very motivated company bringing new fresh ideas to execution in a short time. They helped me building the website an other social media related items. I wish them a lot of success pursuing their targets.”

Monica Gandia

Logo van LinkCom


“Werken met zeer professionele mensen en heel belangrijk is de snelheid van uitvoering. Top team !!!”

Kris Ghys

Our customers by industry

Take a look at a number of projects that we were allowed to carry out for our customers.

Catering industry

Catering industry

Frituur Noord-Zuid

The software on the menu screens of Frituur Noord-Zuid was written by us. In a simple and trendy design, people can choose what they want to eat.

Cafe Manger

Cafe Manger wanted a new, simple website. That is why we have created a one pager with a number of atmospheric images and all  the necessary information.

Eethuis Esra

Everything is quickly available on the Eethuis Esra website. We designed menus and created a guest network. Visitors have free WiFi because they like the social media account.



Angora Keukens

We were allowed to renovate the website of Angora Kitchens. We also conduct marketing campaigns via Google and social media on a regular basis. This ensures new customers who buy a kitchen every time.

David Philtjens bvba

David Philtjens bvba’s website was given a new look. We also provide more leads thanks to the marketing processes. Finally, David sometimes asks for our help with his hardware.

AEK Gyprocwerken

AEK Gyprocwerken was looking for a simple website. We also helped him with the basic configuration of search engine optimization (SEO) through Google My Business and the standard principles.




Lembreghts wanted to have a better online presence. That is why we have built a website and an extensive webshop. The online store has an advanced search function with complex search engine optimization. An interface has also been developed for interaction between the back office and the webshop. The project for Lembreghts was mainly custom development.


Koll Grooming Products wanted to turn the webshop into an extensive and user-friendly store. That is why we have also written an advanced search function. Only logged in customers can see prices. Our developers have also developed their own workshop app. The employees of Koll can use the timer to indicate how long they work on a task and the material that has been used can also be added.




Momicox has a website with four languages: Dutch, English, Chinese and Taiwanese. The website must have a professional & sleek appearance and it must be user-friendly. The sustainable aspect must also come back. That is why the black and green color scheme was chosen. Momicox also has a nice mailfooter in the house style.


Business4Good wanted a completely customized website. The owner herself came up with a complete design. We then recreated this design 100%. The colors come out beautifully and complement each other. The website is also very user-friendly on mobile. So take a quick look at

A Better Life

For A Better Life we ​​were allowed to build a website with a lot of feeling. We appeal to the target group by means of beautiful, soft images and texts. People can take a test, after which they immediately receive an automatic email with the score. In addition, interested parties can register for a course, workshop or social event. Behind this is a tailor-made plugin.




At Vavantas we manage the network. By installing a good infrastructure. Vavantas can also fall rely on a 4G failover. In this way, the company always benefits from fast internet. We also regularly carry out maintenance on the hardware, software and systems. In addition, we assist in optimizing security on equipment. Vavantas knows where to find us for questions or for advice, even after working hours and during the weekend.


Teastation has a webshop for both private individuals and business customers. Teastation reaches the target group every day with fun, informative texts and banners. The marketing process provides a little extra. The results can be perfectly monitored from the webshop. When business customers register, the system automatically checks whether the VAT number is correct. We also enjoy fresh tea at the Teastation office. And we regularly give it away as a gift… Tip!

Phone Center Koersel

Phone Center Koersel wanted to be easy to find regionally. It is important that people in the area know that the store is there. That’s why we helped set up a simple website, a Google My Business page and social media. Promotions are regularly held on social media. We also help Phone Center Koersel with offline marketing: flyers and business cards in the corporate identity. Take a look at the website:



The Mustang Garage

The Mustang Garage asked for a retro website. We found a portrait site very suitable for them. Every year we participate in the marketing of the Mustang Fever: the event for car enthusiasts! Take a look at & The Mustang photos on the website were taken with our 360 degree camera. We also manage the entire Mustang Garage infrastructure.

Garage Motorsport

We have developed a powerful website for Garage Motorsport with a robust look. The pages contain all the information that customers are looking for. In addition, we have developed a tailor-made plugin for calculating the chip tuning. Enter the brand, model, generation and motorization and the system calculates what the possibilities are in terms of tuning. Super handy! View the plugin at

Autostoffering Carla

The website of Autostoffering Carla contains everything that customers need. The consumer is addressed and informed about the possibilities with accessible texts. Everything is possible at Autostuffing Carla. The portfolio page shows a handle of the already completed projects. Owner Carla regularly asks for our help with challenges with her computer or printer. We also advise her for new hardware, such as a different computer. She then orders new equipment from us inexpensively.

Graphic design

Graphic design


We have built a custom application for Drukpunt. The process of submitting the print files is facilitated. Schools that are customers of Drukpunt can easily submit their printed matter in the user-friendly portal. Before the start of the project, a software requirement sheet was drawn up, after which we knew exactly what would be made. Drukpunt has printed our Christmas cards on sturdy paper.


Printcity saw that a number of work processes could be more efficient. This way, all orders arrived separately in the mailbox. This did not provide an overview. That is why we have built a custom software solution. Our programmers have molded JBC’s incoming orders for personalized printing and embroidery into a simple solution. Now the orders are grouped in batches by different parameters. 

Architect Peeters

The new website of Architect Peeters meets all trends. The minimalist design ensures a sleek and professional look. The portfolio page nicely shows at which (large) companies Architect Peeters has been allowed to work. The website is also user-friendly on mobile devices. At first, architect Peeters only had the logo on an envelope. We have vectorized this logo into a digital copy. Now the logo is always sharp and can be used anywhere.

Lingerie & Nightwear

In collaboration withSoftli.

Lingerie & Nachtkleding


Ria Lingerie is a great store in Westmalle with a range of lingerie, swimwear and nightwear. Thanks to our IT knowledge, we were able to serve Ria Lingerie. First of all, we were allowed to migrate the website. We have also automated the process of updates to the website. Ria Lingerie also had a number of challenges with the e-mail. We looked at this together with the customer and solved it. Finally, a no-reply email address was requested. We have created this through our system.

Intimo Lingerie

In addition to the existing webshop, Intimo Lingerie in Begijnendijk also wanted a beautiful website. That is why we have designed a website that matches the webshop. By linking to the webshop, visitors can easily switch between the two domain names. Before we could get started with creating a website, we migrated the domain. We also maintain and host the website.


Patrick van Pili-Pili had a number of questions about making adjustments to his webshop. For example, he asked how he could change the image in the banner himself. He also asked how he can put a promotion in the spotlight on the webshop and how he can generate discount codes. We think personal guidance is very important. That is why we answered Patrick’s questions through a WordPress training of one hour and immediately showed him how everything works. He co-wrote and so he can now do it himself. Prior to the course, he first received our basic WordPress manual.

Clothing stores

Clothing stores kledingwinkel website

Jodi Schoenen

Jodi Schoenen wanted a new website that also complied with the GDPR guidelines. The wide range of high-quality shoes and leather goods was once again put on the map. We did this by giving the website light colors and by putting up many atmospheric photos of the collection. In addition, we have developed a nice footer, so that people can contact us directly. The form on the website encourages you to contact us. Again, the form is protected with reCAPTCHA to prevent spammers.


Easybis wanted a simple website, which is linked to the webshop. The red from the house style is combined with soft brown, white and light gray. We have also prepared the GDPR documents. In addition, the contact form has a reCAPTCHA protection to prevent spam.

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