Software Requirements Specification

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What is an SRS?

An SRS is a document with the description and additional information of a software to be developed.

This document is not only used to inform the customer but also forms a basis for the agreement between them and those who will make the software.

The SRS is mainly prepared by a software programmer and is for fixing a price and avoiding any misunderstandings.

You can compare it to a kind of shopping list that states everything that will be delivered to you and what the developers have to shop for.

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Product features
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Technical information
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Optional: mock-up

Why is an SRS important?

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Meeting expectations

By recording what the customer wants and what the developers will develop, misunderstandings are avoided. The customer knows what to expect as a final product and the developer can balance his work perfectly according to the requirements, deadline and costs.

Fixing the price

By defining what the software must have, a price can be set for this.
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Setting the deadline

Because clear guidelines are agreed with regard to the software requirements as well as the price for this, a clear deadline can be set that must be met contractually. This works to the benefit of the customer.
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Preventing misunderstandings

By recording all these software details, one avoids any misunderstandings that could lead to extra costs, extension of the deadline or even dissatisfaction.

Avoid additional costs

Because the software requirements and a price are fixed, the customer is covered against some extra costs.

Prevention of redevelopment

The SRS has extensive information about the software requirements. This prevents misunderstandings or possibly not paying for extra features that you want later.


Often a mock-up is included with the SRS document. It is an example of what the software or website / webshop will look like in general. You can see in an image what everything will look like. This way you can think along with us about the flow.

For our transparent approach, a mock-up is ideal to inform you about what to expect.

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Have SRS drawn up

Know what to expect and avoid extra costs!