GDPR checklist

Are you in line with the GDPR rules?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It’s about the protection of personal data. Sending spam emails to private persons and chasing people on the internet just like that is a thing of the past.

Since May 2018, every company is obliged to comply with the rules regarding GDPR. If you do not comply with the rules, you risk (large) fines. That is of course a shame about your money. 

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Important points

The same contact persons

It is important to protect the data of your website. If https is in the URL of your web page, it means that the data is protected. In addition, a cookie notification should also be displayed on your website based on a pop-up to indicate that the website uses cookies.


Since the new legislation, it is necessary to publish your privacy & cookie policy, general terms and conditions and disclaimer on your website, so that they can be consulted. This is best mentioned thanks to a reference in your footer (all the way from the bottom of the website).

Contact Form

If someone wants to ask you a question via your contact form on the website, there must be a check box that agrees with the GDPR documents. Here again a link must be mentioned that refers to it so that your conditions are easy to find.

Company number

Did you know that it is mandatory to state your company number on your website? This can best be mentioned in the footer or by contact.

Do the test!

Below are a number of main points from the checklist. Of course, your general terms and conditions and your privacy and cookie policy should have a number of aspects. Would you like a complete GDPR check of your website? Feel free to contact us and we will make sure that you are okay.

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