Looking for an extra IT professional?

Looking for an extra IT professional?

The NYBE team consists of developers and marketing employees. We are young enough to keep up with the online world and respond to trends. We are experienced enough to provide the right solution for any IT question. The sum of an all-encompassing offer. We never stop learning: we constantly keep up with the latest trends and developments. View everything about our team at https://www.nybe.be/about-us/.

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Duidelijke afspraken met NYBE
Clear Agreements

Big project and little time?

Our programmers are happy to take over tasks for you. This way you can continue to focus on your core business!

Strengthening your team

Do you have a project that your team cannot resolve or need reinforcement for some other reason? Then hire us temporarily to strengthen your team.

Looking for a web designer?

We can also illuminate you with web design. We create websites for your customers under the price you ask your customers. That way you also get something from it.

IT consultancy

Do you have any questions or would you like advice on, for example, IT, GDPR or marketing? Hire one of our experts to expertly drink a coffee with you.

Purchase IT hardware

Do your printers, computers, software, security, internet or cloud need to be replaced? And do you want advice on the best or cheapest devices? Our experts will update your infrastructure again.


Since May 2018, every company is obliged to have its GDPR in order. We can help you with both drafting GDPR documents and making your website GDPR-proof. View more information on our GDPR page: www.nybe.be/gdpr-checklist.

Technical Support

NYBE is your remote IT department. We can help you with, for example, configuring a VPN or hotspot.

Collaboration with NYBE

Even if you are an IT expert yourself, we are happy to be of service. We are happy to help you out. View a number of our services below that may be of interest to you.

Keep learning

“Scientia potentia est”, or knowledge is power. Team NYBE is constantly learning. By following courses and learning from experts, we broaden our knowledge and continue to deepen our expertise. You’re never too old to learn! Make use of our specialist IT knowledge.

Allround IT'ers

The NYBE team is composed in such a way that we can help you with all IT questions. From custom software to new hardware and from domain names to e-mail issues. You can come to us for everything. We are happy to help you at favorable partner prices.


We like open communication. When you have a large project, we first draw up an SRS. Then we get to work. When the project is completed, we prepare a quality document. That way you know exactly what to expect. We are also transparent about financial matters. Would you like to have invoices per hour or rather per project? Let’s discuss the most favorable option for you.

Make use of our partner network

Make use of our partner network. Our partners range from an international payment provider (MultiSafePay) to POS systems (BC Matic). And from a security firm (Panda Security) to a communication tool. View our current collaborations at www.nybe.be/partners.

No extra costs

Having employees takes time and money. We take care of these costs for you. Everyone works efficiently on projects from our office in Hasselt.

We train our employees. At our office in Hasselt… We only charge you the agreed hourly rate and any additional other costs.

Working under your name

Too much work? That is great for your company, but it can be stressful for you. We are therefore happy to relieve you by taking over some of your work. If you prefer not to have your customer see our name, we act under your name. We regularly work with Tomatski in this way.

All NYBE services

You can view all our services on our services page. Our specialties are further elaborated on the separate pages. Our brochure can also be found here with all the information.

By the way, did you already know about our committee appointments? When you bring us a customer, you will receive an agreed percentage. Let’s have a coffee together and let us know what we can help you with!


Let's work together

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